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There are countless opportunities to increase traffic to your affiliate offers. Today we talk about creating a Slideshare content marketing plan! (most gurus won’t share this secret weapon!) The little-talked about website that makes this traffic method work gets over 150 million visitors per month!

What is this secret site? SlideShare!

You don’t want to miss out on the traffic you’re due so if you are an affiliate content marketer you can take advantage of this platform to get more leads and drive more traffic to your offer!

I am Winston, and in this video I’m going to show you how to tap into SlideShare, a free slide presentation platform. We’ll create a Slideshare content marketing plan, I’ll be showing you the stats of the website, and if you stay to the end of this video, I will show you a site pulling over a million visitors a month in organic traffic… and you can do the same!

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First, let’s head over to Similarweb, which is a free tool that estimates the total amount of traffic different websites get. In the case of SlideShare, as you can see, it has over a hundred and fifty million monthly visits, and most of the people visiting the sites are coming from the search engines.

You see, search engine traffic is the most organic traffic and statistically converts much higher than paid traffic. You can see that Similarweb is getting a hundred percent organic traffic and 0% paid traffic.

Now let’s look at some of the social sites that SlideShare is getting traffic from. Here is Facebook, and that makes complete sense because SlideShare content would definitely attract Facebook and Pinterest users. Slideshare is getting traffic not only from search engines, but from social sites as well… which is some of the best traffic you can ask for.

If you think SlideShare is something you would like to tap into, let’s move over to the website and let me show you how easy you can start generating both free and organic traffic from Slideshare!

Start a Slideshare Content Marketing Plan

You want to first go to and register for a free account. After registering an account, add a profile picture, because all these little things come together to make your account look professional and get the most attention and traffic. Let’s jump into the first steps of building a Slideshare content marketing plan!

You want to get your whole Slideshare profile set up before you start doing anything else on the platform. This is only step 1 of a Slideshare content marketing plan. As you can see here, it says, discover, share and learn on the platform. You can share what you know and love (your products and offers) through presentations, infographics, documents and more. Here are today’s top slideshares and, as you can see, these are getting hundreds of views already.

Check out how many views they’ve already gotten! You can type in your niche keywords and start checking out what others in your niche are posting on this platform.

So for example, if I was in the weight loss niche, I’d type something like “weight loss” here and it will display all the posts related to the weight loss niche. You can start clicking through some of these search results to get a feel what people in your niche are posting to get traffic from this platform.

create a slideshare marketing plan

I recently posted a nine slide presentation as a part of my Slideshare content marketing plan. I’m going to show you how to easily create these, but first, check this out…. you can actually link from within any of your slides to whatever landing page you choose. So not only can you get traffic, but you can direct-link to an affiliate offer or your own bridge page.

How powerful is that!? It’s exactly what every affiliate is looking for, especially when it’s coming from a site that can easily generate you tons of traffic. The SlideShare platform also has what it calls “clip slides”, a bookmarking tool within the platform. When someone Clips you slide it will be saved on the clipboard for viewers rather than them searching for it again on the platform.

Visitors also have the option to share presentations on their preferred social sites, which will lead to even more traffic to your offers, and subsequently to your landing pages. If you’re a Content marketer, understand that even if your first post doesn’t get any views (which I hardly believe) the link page or website in your presentation will still get other link-juice because this is a high authority website. Getting backlinks pointing from SlideShare will help increase the linked URLs organic search rankings.

Let me show you how you can quickly and easily make a Slideshare presentation. I use the free web-based Microsoft Powerpoint because I want to make this whole traffic method free. You can even use a blog post to create your presentation and can either repurpose your post into slides or even take screenshots of YouTube videos and repurpose it into slides. If you don’t have a blog post or a video to transform into slides, simply use a related private label rights ebook or offer to create your slides.

how to market with slideshare

Every month now, I use one of my blog posts on how to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank to create a presentation on Slideshare. As you can see, I just pick certain portions of the blogpost to create these slides. You don’t want to forget your call-to-action slide, because that’s the page that will lead those reading your slides to your landing page, which can be an email, caption page or an affiliate product review page.

You can also link directly to your affiliate product if you choose. I think links within your SlideShare post become active only after the fourth slide, so always make at least five slides… but the more the better!! When you are done creating your slides, you can now download it as a PDF or ppt file. Slideshow will convert any of these two file types into slides.

On the upload page you will be required to give the title description and tags of your post, just like we do optimization on YouTube. Make sure to use proper keywords, long-tail keywords, and other SEO strategies. After publishing your post, you can now share it on other social sites to kick off the traffic. Copy the embed code as well, and post it on your blog or other platforms promoting and building backlinks, because pointing back to your presentation will also increase the organic rankings of a presentation.

You can also add some audio or background music to the presentation and create videos that you can post on YouTube that will generate an even more traffic to your offers. You can also post it on a similar presentation website called Auto streams at Auto streams com. The Auto stream website is getting over a million visitors a month as well. Make this a part of your Slideshare content marketing plan from the start!

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