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Make Money Selling Blogs

In this video we talk about a recent blog that sold for over $102,500,000! We make money selling blogs as a main source of income!

This is an insane amount of money earned from a guy who started a blog back in 2010 with $50,000 in debt.

thepenyhoarder.com cracked the code to providing good content and leading the visitors to stuff that makes big money.

At one point i heard they were generating between 37 and 50 million dollars a year in revenue.

What video to watch next? This one!

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

Key Points From The Video

$50K in debt
started on a free blogspot
first couple of years was a struggle
started very slow
6 months to first check $100
massive hard work and persistance

Inc 500 Fastest Growing Media Company

$37,000,000 in revenue

Tips To Former Self

Write So People Identify With It

sell your own products

affiliate marketing


diversify revenue streams


make money selling blogs
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