how to use twitter for marketing
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If you are trying to get your new business off the ground or just getting started with Twitter, knowing how to use Twitter for marketing will help make you a Twitter ninja!

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

There are oodles (yes, I said “oodles”) of social media sites, and most can be used to drive traffic to a website, blog, or offer. However, some are much better than others, depending on usage, the average age group who uses it, and the “flavor” of the site.

For example, Facebook is where people are going to be entertained. Twitter is more a news and message sharing site (which is much different than when it came out) and LinkedIn is a business site.  You need to choose which one, or ones… to use, depending on your niche.

So let’s talk about Twitter! If your social media marketing goals are;

  • Become effective at Twitter marketing
  • Be more comfortable creating social media and Twitter marketing strategies
  • Get more followers and more retweets on Twitter

Then read on, and we’ll help you to learn how to use Twitter for marketing!

Start at the Beginning

If we start at the beginning of our “How to Use Twitter for Marketing” study, we need to know that we won’t have much success without knowing what type of information to post. The content should be niche specific to suit your website, and you should tweet it in a variety of different engaging ways.

Twitter lets us post now, using photos, videos, and text. Make sure to mix it up, different people prefer absorbing info in different ways. A video or picture gets a lot more attention that a lonely Tweet.

Here is a tool to automate your Twitter posting!

Using #Hashtags

The effective use of hashtags is important. It is the culture of Twitter of Twitter followers to find content and post content using hashtags, so you should too!

You can literally increase your followers exponentially just by using the right hashtags. Here’s a tip… find the best ones by looking at what other popular people are using. and using tools to see what keywords people search for the most. (we’ll post an article about Twitter tools in the future)

Be Smart When Sharing Links

Make sure that you are posting links from time to time, but don’t do it in every Tweet, because people will find this annoying if you overdo it.

Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) suggests one link to an offer for every 3 educational, or “value” posts. It’s the main topic of a great book he wrote called “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook”!

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Engage Engage Engage Boom!

If you want to get traffic using Twitter, you’ll get much better results if you take the time to engage your users so they not only get to know you, but feel important. Personal attention goes a long way! Also, when you reply to a tweet from someone else, it gets viewed by many of their followers. This can help you a lot.

Link Other Accounts to Twitter

Like we said at the start, there are a lot of social media services. Whichever you choose, 2 or 20, be sure that they are all linked to your Twitter account. People will find you a lot more often on Twitter if they’re following you on another site, and this will in turn help others find you as well.

Of course, do the opposite as well. There’s nothing wrong with a Tweet that says something like “Hey Yahooty, come follow me on Instagram too!”. Yahooty may prefer Insta, be happy to see it and interact more there.

Have Fun Contests and Giveaways

People absolutely love contests and free giveaways. Maybe have a contest that requires people to follow you in order to participate. It takes a little work, (there are tools too) but it’s is a great way to get instant recognition as well as recognition for later tweets.

You want to give people a reason to think of you…

Share and Link to Interesting Content

While for us Twitter is a marketing tool and you are learning how to use Twitter for marketing, you don’t want to make everything about the business either.  Sure, it’s a messaging and news tool, but other people use it in different ways. (so you may not even agree it’s for messaging and news!)

Make sure that if your Tweets themselves aren’t interesting or helpful that you link to something that is, or that at least are aligned with your niche. It will attract new followers and engage the old, and you are further branding your business.

Respond to Tweets and/or Messages

When your followers reply to your tweets or tweet directly to you, you need to be prepared to respond. This can get tough if you have thousands of followers, but well worth the time. (remember the “personal attention” comment above!)

If you are trying to get your new business off the ground or just getting started with Twitter, knowing how to use Twitter for marketing will help make you a Twitter ninja! I’m sure you know the power of social media… Twitter can be a strong force to drive traffic and then profits. 

Remember to be consistent with your Tweets as well, and you’ll slowly see yourself being rewarded!

Any other Twitter Traffic Tips? Please Share… !

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

how to use twitter for business
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