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💻How to Start a Social Media Agency

In this video, you’ll learn step by step how to start a social media agency as a beginner. I’m fed up with digital marketing ‘guru’s holding back all of their ‘secrets’ – this no-fluff training will teach you everything you need to get started creating a digital marketing agency today.

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If you’re wondering what social media marketing is then this video will not only tell you that but all this as well:

00:00 – Intro to Social Media Marketing
01:10 – FREE Competition
02:30 – What is Social Media Marketing?
03:33 – Frequently Asked SMMA Questions
05:41 – 3 Key Stages of Success
06:55 – How to Get Clients For Your SMMA
09:25 – Client Prospecting and Lead Generation
12:00 – How to Close SMMA Clients
14:35 – How to Close Meetings SMMA
25:16 – How to Get Results for Your Clients
25:36 – Digital Marketing Advertising Platforms
26:48 – Understanding The Customers Journey (Funnel)
29:06 – Understanding Value Pyramids and Value Ladders
31:29 – Creating Facebooks Ads for Beginners
33:37 – Digital Marketing Trends for 2021
35:54 – Advanced Training – Affluent Academy Introduction
37:28 – The Affluent Agency Award
38:18 – Affluent Agency Award Winners (Testimonials)
40:53 – Your First or Next Client, Guaranteed!
42:35 – FREE Advanced SMMA Training

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How To Start Social Media Marketing (SMMA)

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Sup guys, Jordan, here today we’re gonna be going through how to start a social media agency, but before we get into it, make sure you’re subscribed with your notification bell turned on and let’s.

Get started with the video okay so how to start a social media agency, even with no previous experience whatsoever. Now I record one of these videos every single year and I put so much into these videos. I want to make sure that I update them yearly because so much changes in the marketing space and I want you to have the most actionable and up-to-date relevant information with no fluff whatsoever.

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Not only have we got that competition, but if you stick around till the end of the video I’m gonna be giving each and every one of you something completely priceless. You’re gonna love. It so make sure you stick around till the end of the video right without further a due.

Let’s get straight into this presentation. Okay, so how do you start a social media, marketing agency in 2020 or SM ma or digital marketing or whatever you want to call it? So first thing: you need to understand what social media marketing actually is.

Okay, now this is a service based business and you’re, going to be offering predominantly paid advertising to companies, and you may even offer content creation. You may offer page management, but this is a social media service based business and you get paid per month to do this, you can get paid anything from $ 1,000 a month to $ 10,000 plus, depending on whether you do a revenue share depending on the size Of the business of what it actually is, you’re doing for Werdum.

There are lots of services you can offer in social media marketing, but the core is paid advertising content creation, maybe as well and page management, so Facebook, page management or Instagram, page management – and this is a value-based service.

You’re, not getting paid based on your time and how much how many hours per day in putting into a business you’re, getting paid on what you can actually do for them. How much value can you provide for a business? So let’s move on so I just want to get some frequently asked questions out of the way.

First of all, I’ll. Get asked these three questions all the time, so I want to make sure we get them out of the way. First. First of all, what do you need to get started? You don’t need anything to get started with social media marketing.

You can do this from anywhere in the world which answers the next question as well. You literally can do this from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet, and you have access to a computer or a laptop doesn’t need to be fancy at all.

You don’t need any fancy software. You don’t need a particularly memory heavy computer. You literally just need an internet connection and access to a computer. You don’t, really want to be managing this from your mobile phone.

Also, what about, if you don & # 39? T have time this is a really good question and actually I was launched my digital marketing agency two and a half years ago. Now, when I was working full time, we’ve scaled it out to multiple six-figure profits right now on a monthly basis.

So we profit by figures every single month with VIN II’s and C, and we launched when we were working in a full-time job when I was working in a full-time job actually saw my first two clients. Whilst I was working full time and yeah, it was easily manageable and then replaced my outgoings and decided hey.

Look. I want to take this full-time and I quit my job at that moment. So you, don’t need anything to get started. You don’t need any previous experience. I had no marketing experience whatsoever. You can do this from anywhere in the world and you really do not need a lot of time.

how to start a social media agency

All you need is the drive and the determination to be successful. I’m, not here, to tell you that business is going to be easy, that you’re, just going to be able to sign up a client within your first day and you’ll, be away and you’ll be making six figures in a couple of days.

Anybody who’s telling you that is, is talking bull. They’re lying to you and business is before the resilient. Business is for people who are driven and want to be successful. If that sounds like you, then you’re gonna absolutely love this industry.

So let’s. Go on to the three key stages of success. I’ve got their little pointer here, so hopefully this is gonna move through the presentation, nice and smooth. So the first thing you need to understand to be successful.

One of the things you need to understand. First of all, when you’re, launching your agency is how to find clients. Where are you actually going to find clients who are they? What are they and where are they actually residing in? You also need to understand how to prospect.

So these things that on this slide, these are all the things that we’re, going to be going through in this presentation today in this video you they need to understand how to actually sign clients up.

So it’s, all well and good, knowing who you’re going to reach out to and where they are, but how are you actually going to close them and get them paying you, so you need to understand how to set meetings.

How to sell your service and getting a yes from a business owner, then? Finally, we want to go through how to actually get results for businesses. It’s, all well and good, knowing who to reach out to and how to actually close to them.

But how are you actually going to get them result? How are you going generate the more revenue per month, which is our sole goal? We want to work with businesses and help them to generate more revenue per month.

So what tools are we going to use? What’s? The strategy that we’re, actually going to use to get results, and how are we going to scale up as a business? So let’s, move on to these things individually.

The first thing we want to look at is who what and where we need to know how we’re, actually going to find clients. Now. The first thing you want to look for in Cline’s is companies who are in high demand by a large audience? Okay.

So these are companies which are demanded by the masses. Companies like, for example, restaurants and food food is a commodity, so everybody needs to eat that’s, a high demand service by the masses because everybody needs to eat.

But if you are looking to reach other restaurants make sure they are high ticket restaurants, they’re, not just your average, run-of-the-mill restaurant, they’re like a high-tech here, thirty dollars per head plus, but you want large in demand services.

Businesses with repeat custom, so businesses, where people come back again and again and again, because the success of working with a company in digital marketing depends on you getting repeat. Custom depends on you being able to get them new customers every single month, but those customers also coming back to that business owner it’s, something called the snowball effect.

We want to push this snowball. Imagine you’re, pushing a snowball when every single month the snowball is getting bigger and bigger, because you’re, getting more and more customers for these clients, but they’re.

Also coming back again and again, you also want to look for local businesses to start off with this is the easiest place to start. In my humble opinion, when I first started out, I’ve reached out to local businesses in my local area, and I looked at businesses which I had a genuine interest in.

This is something I think is really important when you’re. First starting out and you’re, looking at what businesses you want to reach out to, I always recommend reaching out to companies. You have a genuine interest in this is actually going to make you enjoy what it is you’re doing for these companies.

Now I ‘ Ve got a couple of niches here: Fitness fitness industry, dentist, cosmetics, high-end, restaurants, ecommerce these are just a few niches which is good for when you’re first, starting out is certainly not limited to this.

A lot of people say: hey look, these are the best niches you should reach out to it. Simply doesn’t work like that. My best advice is always make sure it’s, an in-demand product or service. They have a high quality product or service, and you have a genuine interest in what it is that they are actually selling what it is.

They are actually promoting and, above all, make sure they have a good reputation. You can have the best advertisements or the best marketing strategy in the world, but if your clients, don’t, have a good reputation, they’re, not going to be able to retain customers so make sure that the fundamentals are in place.

First of all, so we don’t need to know how to prospect. So we ‘ Ve got an idea of what kind of companies we want to reach out to and first of all, you want to understand what prospecting actually is.

Some of you may have never heard this term prospecting prospecting is a sales term for basically finding business owners details or the details in general that we’re, trying to get from a business from a lead and a lead is a potential customer of Ours, so we want to make sure we find the decision-makers details.

First of all, so let’s say we ‘ Ve got a list of gyms in our local area that we want to reach out to. We need to start prospecting, so we need to find out all of the information about these gyms.

So we want to locate the business owners details that’s, going to be the decision maker nine times out of ten. We want to find their Knight name that email address and their phone number okay, so we ‘

Ve got multiple ways for us to contact them. We always want to find their name. You won ‘ T always be able to do this, but you nine times out of ten. You want to at least try to find their name because it’s, going to make it a lot easier when we reach out to them.

When we, when we may call a company or when we emailed them, we’re going to move on to strategies shortly. We want to make sure we can actually reach out to them. Personally, we can say: hey. Can I speak to John please or hey John? I hope you’re well want to reach out to you.

We don’t want to say, hey! I’m looking for this to get to the business owner, please because it just looks unprofessional and we’re, not going to have a positive response. We also want to utilize our initial Network starting off with, so this is a really great place to start when you’re starting in digital marketing, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and your family and say hey.

I’m starting my own digital marketing agency. I’m. Looking for businesses to work with, I thought the best place to start off with would be my exist thing network and so put a post out on Facebook, literally just like that and see if anybody in your existing network owns a business, and I’M willing to work with you to start off with.

You can also use Google and search engines so search for the business name, and so you could do a Gregg’s, gym owners, details or whether it’s called Gretchen. The guy’s, the gym the guys – probably already called Greg, but you can Google search for business owners details.

If you’re from the UK use a website called Companies House. You can actually search a big record of all of the directors for companies in the UK, so you can really easily locate the business owners details.

Then. Finally, you’ve got Facebook. Instagram LinkedIn have a little stalk on social media. You’ll, be surprised what information at your information you can find and you’ll, be able to prospect really easy using these methods.

So that is in a nutshell, how you can prospect how you can start actually looking for the business owners details ready for you to contact, so let’s move on. So what are the best contact methods when you are looking to reach out to companies you’ve got a list of companies that you’re trying to reach out to how are you actually going to reach out to them? First of all, we want to make sure we use a multi-platform strategy.

I see so many people saying hey, look, you just want a cold call or you just want to email or you just want to send EMS on Instagram and that simply does not work. There is no one-size-fits-all with sales and you need to make sure that you’re using a multi-platform strategy.

So you don’t just stick with one strategy. So yes, cold calling is always going to work very, very well. Cold cooling is a great outreach strategy because you can get straight on the phone with business owners and you can arrange a meeting with them en DMS and emails as well.

So you can send emails over to companies. You can send them a DM on LinkedIn or Instagram or Facebook. These are really effective ways to directly message: potential client or customers, door-to-door and video outreach as well door-to-door isn’t as effective because it costs you a lot of time.

So if you’re walking around your local city, it’s. It’s, not going to be the most efficient thing for you timewise, but yeah. It’s there as an option. If you want it and then finally, we have video outreach again, this can be really really effective, but it’s a little bit time-consuming.

You just record a video of yourself saying, hey Greg. Look I’d, really like to work with your company. My name’s, blah blah blah. I offer blah blah bar service and yeah. I’d love to arrange a meeting with you.

Are you free for 15 minutes over the next week, so I can come in and share some ideas with you, whatever you may be saying, but these are the best ways for you to reach out to business owners. My biggest recommendation would be using a multi-platform strategy.

Use a mix of these individual strategies, cold, calling emails, DMS door-to-door video outreach and handler companies from multiple angles, because what may work for one business owner won’t work for another business owner.

Someone may be really receptive to being cold cold where someone else may be really receptive to their email. Someone else may not even check their emails, so you want to make sure that you hit people from all angles, that’s, the key to success themselves.

Trust me. I know I worked in corporate sales for over three years before I launched my agency. I spent 2000 hours on the phone. I am I’m, a veteran when it comes to reaching out to business owners. I used to reach out to multi conglomerate billion-dollar companies over in the Middle East, and I’d, have to reach their c-level executives.

I spoke to the CEO of Universal Studios, our met with them out in Dubai, and I did that all from using a multi-platform sales strategy – and I carried out across in my digital marketing agency, so setting a meeting that’s.

Another thing we need to do this is really important when we are reaching out to business owners. The first thing we want to do is we definitely do not want to sell that’s. One thing we want to make sure we don’t want to reach out to a business owner and start selling to them right away.

It’s, not going to work, and it’s going to be unprofessional. We want to make sure we’re warming up this sales process. We want to make sure that we’re preparing these potential clients to be closed, so we always want to make sure that when we’re reaching out to a business owner, we speak to the decision maker right away.

So that’s, why we’ve done a prospecting correctly. We’re, going to speak to a business owner. We’re gonna get straight to the point in any communication that we’re. Having where we’re, sending an email, whether a cold call, and we’re getting straight to the point right away, we’re, also going to create some kind of scarcity.

So what scarcity is it’s like a time-based limit or at the fact that we only want to work of a certain client? So, for example? Well, I’ll. Give you an example of a pitch. In a moment you could say: hey, oh look.

I’m only looking to take on one or two more clients this month and that says to the business owner. Okay, they’re thinking on them. I hope that’s, going to be me or I’d. Like that to be me, I want to be that one of those one or only two people that that person is actually working with so it creates scarcity.

It creates that impulsive need in your potential customers now golden rule here when you’re, trying to arrange meetings with business owners is never pitch before and meeting the sole goal for outreach is to set a meeting.

You do not want to pitch your service on a cold call. You do not want to pitch your service on an email with DM door-to-door. Any of that. Your goal, when you’re, reaching out to a business owner for the first time.

Your first contact point is to arrange a meeting with them, and that is when you were going to pitch your service. So, for example, putting this all into some context. For you let’s say I was cold, calling a business owner.

What’s? Getting straight to the point I’d, be like hey and hey John. Is it in fact the owner? I’m speaking to you, so the first thing you want to do is really make sure you’re. Actually speaking to the person that you want to be, and you can say, hey look John, my name is Jordan.

I know you’re busy, so am I so I’m gonna be quick, and I’m. Getting straight to the point here, I’m, saying that you’re busy. I’m busy. I’m, diffusing the situation and then I would go on to pitch my service.

I would then say: look, I hope, restaurants in the local area, to get more clients per month, using social media and also on your Facebook page. The other day, I can see you leaving a lot of money on the table at the moment.

I’d love to come in and share some ideas of you. Do you have 15 minutes over the next couple of days? Getting straight to the point completely off-the-cuff, I literally just made that up off the top of my head.

My pitch changes. Every time I speak to a business owner because I’m, judging their character, and I make sure I’m adaptive, you don’t want to be forced. You don’t want to sound scripted. You don’t, a sound robotic, be natural, be yourself say words that fall naturally in your vocabulary.

Okay, so don’t pretend to be someone you’re, not you could then drop in there. You create a scarcity like I’m gonna need to take on. I’m only looking to take on one or two more clients. This month I was on your Facebook page.

I’m gonna see you leaving a lot of money on the table. I’d love to come in and share some ideas with you. Are you free for 15 minutes or so over? The next couple of days really just keep it as simple as that and you’re gonna create enough scarcity and interest for that business zone to be like yeah.

Actually, I am free. I’d, like to arrange a meeting with you. You proceeded to book the meeting. Hey presto, you have a meeting with your first client really is as simple as that. I’m smashing through this video guys, because what loads of content to go through today, so I hope you are taking notes so moving on, so we have now.

We now get an understanding of what kind of clients we want to reach out to. How are we going to reach out, and I’m, going to use a multi platform strategy. We’re gonna get straight to the pool in and arrange a meeting with them, but let’s say we now have arranged a meeting and you sat down you’re like a crap.

What am I actually gonna say here? So the second thing we need to understand in our freaky success is how are we actually going to close potential clients within our agency and by the way I talked so fast guys? So some of you might want to put me on like minus five speed or whatever, but it’s just the way I smash through things.

When I get passionate I get into this and you can’t stop me. So the first thing you need to understand this is this one thing I do. I break down our meeting strategy into three very easy steps for you to follow, and this is easy for anybody to follow.

If you’ve never had any sales experience whatsoever, we’ve had students and members who have closed thousands and thousands of pounds per month. Using this meeting strategy. This free set meeting strategy, which I’m, literally giving you in this video, so make sure you follow this religiously.

The first thing that you’re, going to do when you get into a meeting with a potential business owner with a potential client. Is you’re, going to go through what we call the discovery stage? Okay, now you’re, going to learn and get fuel for later on in the meeting.

So what you’re going to do is you can have some small talk? First of all, with the business owner you’re gonna get some niceties out of the way. Maybe talk about the weather or talk about football. We’ll talk about some common interest.

What I’d, recommend you’re. Doing actually is stalking that business owner on social media beforehand find some common interest that you may have with them. So you can throw that out there and the small talk to start off with.

Then you’re gonna start talking about their business, so you want to ask them questions about the business you want to discover about their business, find out what products they sell. Well, what products don’t sell well find out what their existing marketing strategy is.

This is something it was really important. You want to find out what it is. They’re doing at the moment. Okay, so how are they marketing themselves right now? You want to learn about all of that. You want to learn about their problems.

This is the biggest thing here. You want to learn about the issues that they’re facing as a business start. Thinking about maybe how you can help them to solve those problems. You’re, going to write down all of this stuff, which is going to be ammunition for later on.

In your meeting with this business owner, you then going to move on to stage two, which is the presentation stage. Okay, so once you’ve learnt about the business owner, this is probably going to take five to ten minutes of discovery stage.

Each of these sections five to ten minutes each okay. So you’ve learned about the business you ‘ Ve got some ammunition. You’re now going to wow them with value. You’re, going to present your service to the business owner now nine times out of ten.

This is going to be some kind of paid ad service. Whether this is Facebook or Instagram. As I said, you may drop content in there. There are other services you may add in as well. If your web developer, you can add websites in there.

This is a business model. I hope you can understand that this you can really use whatever skills you’ve got. You can add that to your to your your repertoire, your your service base, you really can expand this.

However, you want to so when I say present your servers. This is whatever services. You are actually offering it the business owner at this moment in time, depending on what it is, you think they actually need, and you’re gonna wow them here.

You’re gonna educate them. This is your chance to show them exactly how it is. You can do what you do and what I always recommend you doing is getting it a simple set of screenshots together: okay, teach them about.

Maybe Facebook ads teach them about whatever it is that you’re looking to do for them, so you don’t need to create some fancy presentation and present it to the business owner. All you need to do is be able to explain this very, very simply in a series of screenshots, and another thing you want to do is compare the business to one of their biggest competitors.

This is a really really good strategy, which works nine times out of ten and what you’re doing. Is you’re using something called the law of comparison? If you compare your potential client to one of their competitors, who’s already doing it a great job on social media, it’s, going to get their back up and it’s going to make them think hey.

We have better business than them. We’re good. We need to be doing better than them and it’s going to make them want to do better. It’s, going to make them want to change so try and find one of their competitors when their biggest competitors, who were doing really well on social media at the moment and use the law of comparison, get their backup and get that hunger that Entrepreneurial spark inside them get them thinking.

We need to change, we need to do better, we need to better our service, we need to better our offering we need to better our marketing and we need to work with this person and give them our money. So they can market for us.

Ok, that’s. What we’re trying to do, which one of them and ignite that flame in the presentation stage, then finally, we have the clothes. So what we’re going to do is we’re, going to use a very simple clothes? We’re literally going to ask for the sale and this point in the meeting strategy.

We’ve already built. So much or Foresti, because we’ve learnt about the business we’ve learned about what sells well, what doesn’t sell well their problems, their struggle points we’ve presented our service to them.

So they understand how it is. We’re going to solve these problems for them, and now we’re going to Aspen a sale, we’re simply going to ask them hey look. Do you think that I understand the problems you’re facing as a business? Yes, do you think that I have the skills needed to help overcome these problems? Yes, well, are you ready to take the next step? Yes, okay, you’re.

How to Start a Social Media Agency Fast! 2

Getting a free part, yes close there, you’re, getting permission to sell to them, and all you simply need to do now is state your prices, which you’re, going to do a set service charge per month of your offering Facebook Ads or paid ads, you’re, going to do a set service charge per month and you’re gonna have an advise ad spend as well.

So the client need to spend money on adverts as well. The client pays for the ads a common misconception. Social media marketing is that the marketer pays for the ads. No, the client pays for the ads separately, so you say: hey my service charge for my Facebook ad service, or this is what I think you require my paid.

My service charge is $ 2,000 per month and my advisor ad spend is $ 1,000 or $ 2,000. As well, so you always present them separately service charge and spend again. This depends on what service you’re, offering now the most vitally important thing here when you’re, trying to close a business there’s, a term in sales that the first person to speak after stating a price loses, And this is true: never ever justify your price as a as a social media marketer.

When you state your price stay quiet, let the business owner speak first, the minute you speak, you start justifying you start stammering over your words. You start you, you start losing. You lose confidence.

The business owner loses confidence in you because you have shown a lack of confidence in your price to make sure you stay quiet and let them come back to you. They’ve got concerns, fine overcome them.

The concerns, if they’ve got concerns and it comes down to shortfalls in your meeting strategy. Maybe you fail to answer some of the questions, so go back backtrack in the meeting and answer those questions forward, business owner, but make sure you do know you do not justify your price.

Now. If this is your first ever client, you could consider giving them a free two week trial. I don’t, recommend doing this too often, but to get your first client there’s, no harm in doing a two week, free trial to prove to them that you can do what it is.

You’re saying you can do and then they can sign up with you, but only use that as a last resort. You can damage your brand if you, if you throw that away too quickly, so that is how to close clients. Now we need to understand how to actually get results so service delivery B.

You need to understand the best platforms to use how to create effective, ads understanding the value ladder and trend to look out for in 2020. These are all things we’re, going to be going through right now.

So what platforms are we going to use? I’ve already touched on this, but the main platforms you’re, going to use as a social media. Marketer are Facebook ads and Instagram ads Facebook own Instagram? It literally makes it so easy to create an Instagram ad, because you just tick a box now and yeah.

You’re gonna create an Instagram that they’ve. Also is Google Ads as well, but I would recommend starting off on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to expand your service base, you can move on to Google Ads Facebook and Instagram work really well for business to customer businesses.

So b2c it’s. What it’s called so it’s. Businesses selling to customers such as restaurants, sell to customers business to business, is Google Ads, so business to business, for example, is maybe a lawyers working with businesses or accountants working with businesses? That’s b2b, but I would recommend you starting off with b2c platforms, Facebook, ads and Instagram ads.

They’re billions and billions of daily users on both of these platforms, and it has never been easier to get yourself in front of the world to get your client in front allure, world and a world addicted to their mobile phones.

Every minded mindlessly browsing through their feeds, we’ve, all seen Facebook ads. This is the service that we’re, going to be offering as a court for our potential clients. Now, what we need to understand before we can do any marketing for any business we under need to understand the customer journey.

Why is it that people buy? What is the journey of somebody actually buying? What is the funnel when you may hear this term being thrown around in the marketing world the funnel? This essentially is just a way of putting people into the top.

You imagine got a funnel like you got on screen right now. We’re chucking people, cold people cold leads into the top of this funnel and we’re, converting them into customers for our clients. Okay, so I want to take you through an example of a customer journey right now.

Okay, so going through the potential stages of a customer journey, the first stage we have is the awareness stage okay. So this is when a customer becomes aware of a problem through your promotion or your webinar or your ad.

Whenever that may be, a webinar is just like a free online training. It depends what you’re doing for your client. So let’s, say, for example, we have a gym client and our potential customers. Their potential customers have seen a video from the gym and they’re.

Looking at that video fitness video and they’re thinking, hey look. I’m a little bit overweight. I I should probably go to the gym. They got they’re aware of the problem. Okay, they’re aware of the issue here.

The next stage is the interest stage. Okay, so they’re, becoming more interest and focused on finding a solution, so they’re already aware that they may be overweight, and now they’re, seeing more content from the gym and they’re, like Maybe I could go to that gym.

Maybe I could actually improve on my physique. Then we have the consideration phase. So this is when they seek further education on the product, / service and testimonials whatever it is. They’re, actually seeing maybe they’ve, seen on that gym, page, that there are good clients as happy clients as good case studies, and they’re now thinking what if that could be me, what if I actually could Work with this business, what about, if I could sign up for this gym and then finally, we have the actual purchase they’re.

Taking that leap and becoming a customer, they’re thinking. You know what I’m gonna do this, so they’ve gone through the awareness, the interest, a consideration and they’ve become a purchaser that become a customer, so they started off as what’s Called a cold lead in the top of this funnel.

We brought them through this process through this customer journey, and now they have been converted into a customer, and this is the fundamentals of how all advertising works, and you need to understand this.

First of all now another example of this will be a value pyramid. Okay, so you may have heard this as a value ladder, and this is another way of marketing. We’re taking people through this customer journey.

I’m gonna give you a real world example here. So the first part we have of this value pyramid or the value ladder, is the free value. Okay, so we provide free value for our potential customers for our client potential customers.

So let’s say we’re working with a dentist right now and they’re, putting our organic normal post on Facebook or an Instagram. It’s, hints and tips. They’re building a relationship – maybe they’re talking about good oral health, for example.

Now the second thing on those they could throw out an offer for free teeth cleaning, so we could run and a Facebook ad for our dentist Klein offering a free teeth, cleaning voucher. This is an initial offer to lure people in after they’ve.

Seen that free value, we then when them actually the customer has gone in for their free teeth. Cleaning. Our client could upsell them on dental fillings. They could say: hey. Look! You’re, your health friend a bit your t4 in a bit disrepair like you really could do with some fillings.

A lot of people will go to the dentist to go in, for free teeth, cleaning are gonna need fillings, so they upsell them. On a hundred dollars, for example, then they may say: hey: look. They’re. Getting they’re feeling good about their teeth.

They’ve had their fillings, they might mound, consider teeth whitening, so the client might upsell them to teeth. Whitening, that’s, two hundred and fifty dollars, for example, and then even further from there.

Once they’re feeling really good about their teeth. They might need a bigger work, they might need more, they might need dental implants and this could be anything from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000. So this is a total potential value of this one customer of $ 5,000 plus, and we started off by just giving them free value on Facebook or an Instagram, and we just came from a free offer like free teeth, cleaning and in over time.

Naturally, they have up sold. This is also what’s called the lifetime value of a customer. We don’t just look at a customer for what we can make from them straight away. We look at what we can make them in the long term.

What can we up sell them on? How can they repeat can become a repeat customer? How can we build that snowball, which I mentioned earlier on in this video? So this is the value pyramid and you can carry this across all value ladder.

You can. You can carry this across in any industry with any customer that you are working with, so I just want to give you a actual real-world example here. This is a example. Advert that I have ran – and I want to show you exactly how you can create adverting create adverts, but what you should look out for in your advertisements.

What makes up a good advert when you are creating one – and this is the same with Facebook Instagram with Google Ads whatever it is? You’re using you can carry across these same principles, so an effective ad.

Every single, effective ad needs to start off with an attention grabber and that’s. That first line, you can see here attention Birmingham. Ok, so we’re calling out to an individual area or to an individual audience, so you only have a few words to actually spur to spark interest.

So if someone’s scrolling down the newsfeed, you need to get their interest straightaway. We then want some curiosity, slash scarcity. We’ve, already gone through scarcity. We want to create urgency or exclusivity.

So here we have tooth decay and bad breath and no fun right. Okay, so we ‘ Ve got that yeah. Now then they’re, not fun! Then we ‘ Ve got a watt and a why so we’re, getting straight to the point, with no time wasted that’s, why we’re, giving away 20 vouchers for free teeth cleaning this month? Okay, getting straight to the point, and this is a part of the value ladder and then finally, we have a call to action, so people generally respond well to being told what to do, especially in advertisement.

We want to tell our clients potential customers exactly what they need to do to redeem this offer. So we’ve got to call to actions here. We’ve got one in the text, which is click below now to redeem your voucher.

Once they’ve gone, they’ve gone again. What are some more scarcity there and environment that get offer button there as well? So this is very simply is how you can create effective adverts. You can carry this across in any niche with any product with any service make sure you have these four fundamental things in each and every one of your adverts, and you can almost guarantee that they’re, going to be six for as long as The client has a good product, a good service, and I have a good reputation so make sure you carry across all of these things when you are creating adverts.

So in a nutshell, that is how to get results for your clients and the three keys to success. In social media marketing number one how to find clients number two, how were to close them and number three how to get results, and now very quickly.

I’m, going to touch on some trends for 2020 things. You need to look out for to stay ahead of your competition in 2020. So, first of all, we have the removal of vanity metrics. Okay, so Instagram are currently trialing in many countries getting rid of vanity metrics.

They’re, getting rid of the like function. This is something which is caused uproar. I personally think it’s. A good thing I don’t, think everybody should be judged on their success. Based on how many likes they get on Instagram, what this means is is you can have to focus on better quality content for your clients and make sure you keep an eye on this.

Then we have augmented reality AR so. This is like snapchat filters or Instagram filters on your face. Imagine when companies can then use that to put ray-bans or sunglasses on your face or when you want to put a sofa in your living room for a furniture company.

Imagine the power of that within advertising. Then we have facebook, AI, artificial, intelligent Facebook are already trying this out. People are going to be able to create ads with AI. This is a massive tool that when people jump on you’re going to be able to cash in on this, so make sure you keep on top of this within your agency, then we ‘

Ve got social commerce, so we’ve already seen on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve, already seen with your favorite influencers. They’re selling, the items of clothing that they wear or promoting those items of clothing, and you can actually buy them by clicking on the picture and it goes through to a social commerce page.

So, essentially, ecommerce websites are having their products directly linked into social media and you can buy from the social media platform. This is going to be much bigger in 2020 and the next couple of years.

This is going to blow up even more and finally, we’ve got new marketing opportunities. Companies like tic toc, who absolutely blowing up. Yes, they ‘ Ve got a younger audience. You’ve got other or other platforms.

That’s just snapchat. These are other advertising platforms which are going to be getting bigger and bigger over the next 12 months, so make sure when they become publicly available for you to advertise on.

If you’ve got clients who have younger audiences or audiences which suit different platforms, trial them out, because these companies, these platforms, are going to have the cheapest cost per 1000 impressions.

starting a social media agency

These platforms, because they new, are gonna wan na get as many people in as they possibly can. So you’re gonna be able to spend less on adverts to get better results. So these are the biggest trends very quickly.

You can screenshot this right this down. These are the hottest trends for you to look out for in 2020. Now, if you want to learn more stuff, this is, I know it’s. A lot to take on. You probably got loads of notes.

If you want to learn more – and this isn’t a sales pitch, but I want to talk to you very quickly about the affluent Academy. Now the affluent Academy is our online training program. This is our online education business and it’s.

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That’s. How confident we are in the systems that we teach and we’re, the first ever online education company to offer a guarantee of that stature so moving on. I just want to talk about the fact that we manufacture award-winn, and you may have seen in this video that I’ve got this award sitting on my table.

This is the affluent agency award and we give these. We award these to our community for consistently generating exceptional client results. He’s, a solid. These are made by the same company who made the BAFTAs.

This is solid aluminium with a thick acrylic top on there, and you have to be nominated by your clients to receive one of these. We have an awards evening, every single what put twice per year and last one was on a rooftop bar in central London.

That’s, where this picture was it’s an amazing evening. We get everybody together. We share in success and this is an award that our community can leverage something that isn’t going to inflate their ego, but something they can use to sign up more clients for their business, something they can use to build their agency even further.

And the people that win these awards literally had no experience when they first started out in their agency. This is Joe this Joe in this picture here Joe’s, been with me from almost day one when I first launched our online training program.

When I first had success in my own agency, Joe started an agency of his own hold the frame media. Now he literally scaled up to six figures within about six to nine months. He said wild amount of success.

He was a Team GB skier who actually had an accident when I first met him, but so he moved into business. He needed to move out of skiing and he gets such incredible results for his clients and he did not know how to get any results before he joined our program.

He didn’t know how to run ads. He was literally just this physical guy. You did skiing, he had no idea how to run Facebook ads whatsoever, and we taught him how to do that. We taught him how to systemize how to get results and he’s built such a wildly successful agency.

Then, actually, a month ago, we bought him out and he’s. Now a director in our agency and manages our entire agency base team. That is how successful Joe has been through the systems we have taught him.

Then I’ve got Lee here. Lee is from fire wire, social and the reason I’m, showing you these guys is. I want to inspire you and show you exactly what you can do, even if you have no experience these are people all in the same position that you are in right now with no experience whatsoever.

People who did not know how to market who did not know how to sell and now have wildly profitable, multi six-figure businesses now Lee is from fire wire social. If you go on the affluent website, you’ll, be able to find Lee’s website.

You can look at Lee’s Agency. Incredibly successful guy. He came from an engineering background. He wanted to free up more time. Hence why he started social media marketing and he’s. Now its serial entrepreneur, profits have been profiting multiple six figures, then.

Finally, really quickly we’ve got Tyesha. Taisha is actually from near my area. She’s from about 20 miles near me and when she first reached out to me when she first joined our academy, she was working for another marketing agency, but she was just a pawn.

She was a cog in a very large machine and she wanted to work for herself. She knew her own Worth, and so she joined our program launched her own agency, the Ivy rose agency and has literally gone from strength to strength since then, and it’s just been amazing to watch, and these three people are literally just a small Handful of the people who have won Fon Agency Awards click link in description visit.

The academy page you’ll, be able to see loads of other people visit their websites get some inspiration, know great testament of what can be done. When you put your mind to it now, one other thing: one final thing before we round up this video, which we do which separates for us from anyone else in this industry from all our competition is.

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