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Do I need a blog or a sales funnel?

Often we’re asked which is better, a blog or a sales funnel…

Most “gurus” or internet marketing trainers will teach “their way” as the solution depending on the methods they use, but my answer would be “both”! The truth is not an either/or scenario!

It’s not sales funnels vs blogs… they’re both internet marketing tools that work together in tandem. Today, you must have a blog AND a sales funnel… or a blog sales funnel (as explained in this free book) if you want to succeed.

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Let’s look at the fact that even ClickFunnels, one of the most popular funnel building tools on the planet has a WordPress blog! What about Russell Brunson himself? Yep, he also has a personal blog on WordPress. (and I have my own too!)

Here’s why when you as “Do I Need a Blog or a Sales Funnel” you eventually will want both…

Organic traffic from Google is WAY more valuable than paid traffic because it converts at a much higher rate. (and it’s free!) On top of this, you’re never getting organic traffic straight to a sales funnel… this requires a blog.

Typically, the blog sends traffic to a “bridge page”, and the bridge page sends it to a funnel… and “ouila“, a sale is born! (or an optin, follow, etc)

However, organic traffic doesn’t come overnight, so while your blog slowly gains respect from Google over time to bring you free traffic, your sales funnel helps drive that traffic to a sculpted sales funnel to maximize conversions.

You might say “one hand washes the other”, especially if you’re promoting affiliate products. A blog warms people up, but linking that blog to a sales funnel, as well as emailing them to give them a little push will convert those visitors and fans to sales. The content on the blog is what keeps them coming back “so” you have more opportunities to sell them.

Also, most of your visitors who reach your sales funnel are not ready to purchase yet. Your prospects have doubts, they have objections… they need to get to know, like, and trust you first. It isn’t always love at first site!

Do I need a blog or a sales funnel
Do I Need a Blog or a Sales Funnel?

Showing them high-quality content that’s published on your blog is a great way to solve all of those problems in one shot. It lets them get familiar with whatever it is you’re promoting on their own time, making them more likely to purchase the next time they see your (or an affiliate) offer.

This is exactly why it just isn’t optional to run a blog, regardless if you write each article yourself, bring in or hire others to write it, or simply aggregate content. (for example, The Huffington Post gets most of its content from other sites!)

So the blog becomes their destination to learn about you or your niche and get content and value for free… but the sales funnel is there to persuade them to make a purchase when the time is right. You need to be ready to show them an offer when they’re ready, and the fact you can automate the sales funnel process is just a plus.

do I need a blog or a sales funnel

Even if the sales funnel you send them to isn’t “yours”, or in other words is a funnel selling someone else’s product or service you get a commission on, a good sales funnel can greatly increase your income. It just has a much higher chance of converting to a sale when they’re “warmed up” by a blog.

One of the top people in the industry at explaining the ‘big picture’ of how blogs and sales funnels work together is my friend Yaro… he has put together this free book (and audiobook) you can get here. It explains EXACTLY how a blog and sales funnel work together.

I listen to the audiobook in the background while I create posts and such, but if reading is your thing, go ahead. (it’s free either way, lol)

If you reverse-engineer the systems that most of the best-paid marketers in the business use, you’ll find that almost all of them use both sales funnels and blogs. You may as well model your business after those who have already succeeded, yes? 🙂

You’ll find that the answer to the question “Do I Need a Blog or a Sales Funnel” is… YES!

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