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Email Marketing Strategy

Creating a great email marketing strategy takes a lot more planning and thought than just sending out mass emails to anyone who has ever bought something from you.

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Whether you are selling your own products or learning affiliate marketing, a successful email marketing campaign takes time and planning to put together. Read on for some simple email marketing tips that will help increase opens and get more sales!

Text Colors Used in Emails Matter

Try to keep the colors you use for your text neutral if you want to get the most from email marketing. If your colors are too light the reader may not be too excited about reading. However, if the colors are too bright or make your eyes bleed, it could frustrate the reader, especially if they’re a little older.

Try to stick with neutral colors, like black, gray, and if you must have a dark background, beige or white. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t “ever” use bright colors to emphasize or draw attention to a certain word… just use good judgment.

Of course, this goes for your website colors as well. While bright colors on a dark background may appeal to you, but try to resist the urge. It’s not 1970.

 Email Marketing Strategy
Don’t Make Your Reader’s Eyes Bleed! Use Smart Text & Background Choices

Use Interesting Subject Lines

Get your reader’s attention by using “catchy” subject lines as a part of your email marketing strategy template. Your email must grab your reader’s attention instantly, or it ends up in their trash. If you have a dull subject line it won’t be read… so be creative. This can be more important than the email itself!

Use subject lines that are “hooks”. Subject lines that are controversial or shock them, make them curious, or “leave them hanging” work well. Examples like “This isn’t happening! Is it?”, “This story didn’t end as I planned”, or “How did I get into this situation?”,  work well.

Believe it or not, most people like to help others. Some good subject lines are variations of “can you help me out?”, or “I can use some help with this…”. Give them a try!

The next time you’re in line at the grocery store and you see the National Enquirer or other “shock” magazines at the checkout, grab a couple. They are MASTERS of headline writing… which do the same job as a Subject Line! Use their headlines as guides, because they’ve spent decades testing, tweaking, and perfecting them.

Mix up the type of subject lines you use as well. Maybe use a “curiosity” subject line one day, a “shocker” the next. “straight-benefit” one the next, a “controversial” one the next, etc etc..

The subject line should give people a reason to read the email. It’s about its only job.

Use These to Find Great Subject Line Ideas!

Use Images in Your Emails (maybe!)

If you must use images or graphics, include them on the left side of the email message. Make sure that your CTA (call to action) is on the left too. Research shows this is where people’s eyes go, and it produces almost double the number of clicks than anywhere else.

Depending on your niche, think about using text emails instead of graphics, or HTML email.  A lot of people assume that a lot of images in an email means spam. They can also trigger spam filters, meaning your message is never received at all, depending on some people’s browser or security settings!

Try customizing the copy of your emails. If your email software is reliable, add their name in the email so that it feels personal. This may convince them they know you and to read the message as well as solidify the relationship.

However, if your email software will end up saying:

“Hello [name here] my good friend”… then forget it! It’ll only end up with them pushing the “spam” button and taking themselves off of your list. I tend to just say “Hi again” in my greetings… just in case!

Your Email is Your Sales Rep!

No matter how good your subject line is, you still need to provide value and great content.  If you don’t, your email newsletter is going to be deleted before it’s read, or they won’t look forward to your next email.

It can suck sitting for a couple of hours crafting an email, but as an affiliate or web marketer, that email is replacing a salesperson. It lets you “pitch” at scale due to the number of people you can message at one time.  Just keep in mind that your email message is your sales rep… make sure he doesn’t suck.

email sells
Your Emails are Your Sales Team!

People can see a sales pitch miles away, so don’t be too “salesy”.  I used to lead the companies I sold for and never really pushed or “closed the sale” to do-so. It’s done by getting the prospect to follow your lead, and not by being pushy.

You “can’t push a string”… it needs to be pulled…

Is your email message full of BS? Does every email scream, “buy now, act now, limited time offer, only 3 ebooks left”? I know a lot of “gurus” teach this, but people know better, especially if you’re in the internet marketing niche. Those types of lines are more suited for a sales page than an email.

Gary Vee (Vee = Vaynerchuck) says “jab, jab, jab, right hook”, meaning to write three emails giving content and value to every one email asking for a sale. Maybe have a simple call to action at the bottom of the email with a link to a sales page, or link keywords to an offer.

Let the quality of the email message gain their trust so that they will naturally want to see what you’re offering. If they like what you’re giving them for free, they will WANT to see what you’re selling. Nobody wants to be “sold”, but we all love to “shop”. Let them shop.

Again. You can’t push a string!

However… don’t forget that the main reason you’re using an email marketing strategy and probably emailing in the first place is to make money. A lot of gurus teach to mail every day and to pitch hard, but you’ll need to test, TEST, TEST, and see what works for your crowd. Just make sure you always offer value and entertainment first.

In addition, you always want to be adding more emails to your list. Did you know that you can be sent the names and emails of the people who browsed your website daily, even if they NEVER completed an optin form? I didn’t believe it either, lol.  Here is the link, it’s kind of scary.

Be Helpful and Interesting

People know you have something to offer but it’s not what they want to hear about over and over again.  Write about something a follower has shared with you. Tell a story. Don’t make it a waste of time for people to read what you have to say.

You want to be the guy who provides value. You want to be the person who teaches, entertains, inspires, or helps so that they’ll remember your content and come back for more. Don’t be afraid to “give them your best stuff” as a part of the content, because it’ll only encourage them to become a fan and share your contact info with others.

Also, be yourself… don’t be anyone you’re not. No matter what your tone is, there are people who will relate to you. Don’t “tone down” your personality in your email marketing or try to become someone you’re not. It’s not fair to you as the writer or to your readers!

Act and “talk” like you do in real life… trust me on this one.

email marketing strategy template

Internet and email marketing are used by small and medium businesses but also by large corporations. It’s definitely one of the most important tools for an affiliate marketer, blogger, or content marketer due to its efficiency and the minimal costs involved.

Building an email list, and the proper use of an email marketing template will determine how fast one can convert a fan to a customer using an email marketing strategy. Using your tools and emails properly can speed up the process and increase your conversion rates.

With consistency, hard work, and persistence, sending follow up emails to potential customers can help grow your affiliate or web marketing business quickly.

Here is more on creating a Email Marketing Strategy!

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