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affiliate marketing course

Can You Make $200 a Day Traveling Around the Country In a Camper?

Camper Commissions is a simple affiliate marketing system that takes you step by step looking over the shoulder of a super-affiliate as he makes daily profits using a method that anyone can do. (for the record, you do NOT need to travel around the country in a camper for it to work!)

A special arrangement with The Informed Affiliate is putting this program into your hands for a fraction of what it’s worth, as our way of saying “thank you” for being a viewer! I’ve found a solid course and acquired the rights, please take advantage…

What is Camper Commissions?

Camper Commissions is a complete over-the-shoulder video course that reveals the exact blueprint Paul uses to pull in thousands of dollars a week while traveling the UK in his campervan (hence the name of the course, “Camper Commissions”).

Paul has been traveling around the UK, taking long weekends and mini-breaks and basically just chilling. During that time, he’s managed to make a job-replacing income in his online business. I was able to get it for us at a great price because the course is a couple of years old… but it’s evergreen, will always work, and Paul still does this today, in 2020!

If you are sick and tired of the scammy “push-button 60-second” systems and “shortcuts” floating around these days (they do NOT exist) that the “gurus” are pushing, this will be a breath of fresh air. Why? There are NO fake testimonials or bank statements, NO upsells, and NO video that runs for 15 minutes but doesn’t say anything. Also:

If it didn’t work, I would NOT have bought the rights to it or ALLOW IT ON THIS SITE. Period.

This is a REAL, yet simple affiliate marketing system that works, is easy to understand, and if you get stuck I’m willing to help you out. It requires a WordPress blog, (if you need help with the blog my VA will toss it up for you for $25) as well as learning to make SIMPLE YouTube review videos. (you can be in it or not)

And the part that I feel is the biggest bonus, is the traffic is free. When I was new, the ONE thing I always got hung up on was actually getting people to go TO the offer. (still have it sometimes, no?) If you do it the way he shows it here you’ll continue to grow, get more views, and make more $ as time goes on.

Paul explains it perfectly and completely…. to give you an example, I uploaded the first video of the course here for you to check out. (I think it’s the shortest one… sorry)

“This course shows how I make $100 – $200+ per day online using a simple affiliate system anyone can copy using all free traffic. This is the exact formula I have been using for over 6 years (-he still uses it today – Nick) while traveling around the country in my campervan making a ton of money and enjoying life. …Paul Nicholls

After watching the first video of the course, click below to grab the rest of the course… there are 7 more, over 3 hours of video training, with the bonuses.

So What Do We Get?

  • Introduction – The Introduction Video Posted Above
  • Video 1 – Setting up the platform. Paul will walk you through the entire platform. He shows you how to create a simple WordPress Blog, get your URL/web address, find an inexpensive hosting company ($4 to $5 a month will do!) and explains how to set up the (optional) email system if you want to grow a subscriber/buyer list. (we suggest you do this!)
  • Video 2 – Learn how to find products to promote. You’ll learn the best sites to find upcoming products on, and Paul will start showing you how to use his website template to get started.
  • Video 3 – This video will show you the exact review template he uses to make creating reviews simple. He will also show you how to add bonuses that cost little to nothing but add high perceived value to the buyer.
  • Video 4 – Learn how to upload your simple review video to YouTube, and optimize it to get free traffic both on YouTube and your blog. Paul will also teach you basic SEO tips and show you a secret site that will get your review video indexed quickly!
  • Video 5 – Paul goes through the entire business model once again, showing you how everything fits together. This will answer any questions you may have about how the machine works as a whole.
  • BONUS VIDEO ONE – You will get a 50+ minute BONUS training about affiliate marketing as a whole, sharing some other traffic tips and strategies, as well as expands on what you’re doing.
  • BONUS VIDEO TWO – The second BONUS training is also 50+ minutes long and teaches you how to grow and use an email list. Using this with the previous training, you’ll have the ability to make money NOW as they buy the first time, but multiply your profits using LEVERAGE to sell your customers over and over again!

So What Don’t We get?

You won’t get scammed by buying this course. Instead of some garbage “blind” sales video, watch the intro to the course above and see exactly what you’d be getting into. If you still have Q’s, ask me!

You also won’t see a fake timer, puffed up phony value, or phony “buy in the next 117 seconds or your spouse will disappear” B.S.. (I know, some of you may have liked that)

If you want this course, get it. If you want to think it over, think it over… it’ll still be here tomorrow. You won’t get a high-pressure sales pitch. (nor will you get eleventy upsells and “one time offers”)

However… if you’ve been in this business a while and have made NO money, or you’ve bought programs before that were too complicated to figure out, too short to explain clearly, or too expensive to get in the first place… feel fortunate you’ve now got a REAL system that teaches you a SOLID strategy, and that works. For only $37.00!

This is the COMPLETE recipe. A complete course. A base to finally get you started… there are a lot of ways to make money online… this is one way… that works. Leave the shiny objects behind…

Pull Out Your Card and Get This. Now.

The REAL Value = A Lot More Than $37

Special Cost – $37.00

Special "Thank You" Offer for Our Friends, Viewers & Readers! (Psst... that's you!) 1

You Do NOT Need a Paypal Account – Any Credit/Debit Card Works Fine!

Your charge will come from “Ideatrak”… and on the next page, you’ll create your account and be emailed access to the entire course!

Want a guarantee? A course with this much info explained so clearly, and that actually WORKS could easily be marketed and sold for $197 – $497.00.

You’ll see when you listen that you FINALLY got real value for your money.

However… if you can truly say it isn’t worth the $37 silly bucks you’re paying for it, just reply to the email within 30 days and we’ll return your money… and we’ll still be friends too!


Nick Cifonie

Marketing Servant

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