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Boost Your Email Marketing

Your customers are reading your emails every day, perhaps every hour. No, they don’t all read them all, nor do they even read most… but if you’re sending good content, they ARE being read!

Reading emails is statistically the most commonly done online activity (yes, even more so than looking at social media or using a search engine).

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If your business has a solid email strategy, your customers will be reading your emails casually or not, and then take the action that you want them to take.

Your emails make money. Why else would almost every “guru” be teaching to create a list, create a list, create a list?

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If you’re not using email marketing to get your messages, videos and message in front of your audience, you need to start… today. Here are 4 quick ways to boost your email marketing strategy so that your emails are opened and read and not sent straight to trash.

1. Always Get Permission to Boost Your Email Marketing

Never send an unsolicited email to somebody who didn’t ask to get an email from you. (there ARE ways to do this, but you need to be creative so we won’t include it in this post) This is very important to the success of your “usual” email marketing strategy.

It’s pretty difficult to run a successful email marketing campaign if you’re sending information to people who didn’t request it.

They just feel it’s spam, and most will be deleted. It’s a known fact in marketing and sales that it’s a lot easier to re-sell an old customer than find a new one. It’s the same reason we boost our email.

So to take advantage, put an email opt-in box onto your site where readers have to enter their email to receive information and education from you. By doing this, they are giving you permission to email. And, give them a REASON to do it, like a free report, ebook, video or something of value.

2. Help Your Subscribers

To boost your email marketing, you need to know that your email marketing strategy is not just about selling as much as you can. Of course you want to make sales because in the long run, that is the main objective.

However, you don’t want to hammer your product or service that you’re selling into your subscriber’s inbox at every chance. You need to give actual value first! Gary Vee teaches to “jab jab jab, right hook” (or something like that)

Gary Vee suggests giving value 3X as much as asking for the sale, or sending 3 emails with education to every one that asks for a sale.

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So concentrate on helping them and providing value. Show your subscribers how you can help them. Provide help, tips, and tricks that will be useful to them. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

3. Send Emails On A Frequent Basis

Most email marketing newbies are worried about sending more than one email a week. However, most of the to maketers mail as often as daily! Why? Because if you’re truly helping your subscribers, they will love hearing from you.

There’s no set rule on how often you should be emailing, as long as it is on a regular basis… just be consistent, and let your tribe get into whatever habit and trend you choose.

Don’t send five emails one week and then nothing for two weeks. Keep in mind, to boost your email it’s all about providing value. If you’re not providing value, don’t send out the email.

4. Test Your Email Before You Send It

This is a strategy I don’t hear taught very much, but will really boost your email marketing. Always send your email message to yourself before you send it to your subscribers and see how it looks.

You might even want to have someone else read it for you to assure it gets the right message across.

There’s nothing worse than receiving an email message that has lots of typos, links that don’t work, or that doesn’t make sense.

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