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5 Golf Affiliate Programs

How’s it going!? Eartha here and in this video I’m going to talk about some golf affiliate programs as well as share some ideas for starting your own golf niche blog. If you haven’t been on my channel before then, you know that niche blogging is what I like to recommend.

What I do to earn a consistent income online is niche blogging.

Here are some other niche affiliate blog ideas!

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Let’s dive into these golf affiliate programs. The first company is called Bushnell golf. This company has specialized in high performance sports optics for more than 65 years, their most popular product being the rangefinder.

They also have another popular product called Wingman. It is a speaker that also has the ability to receive audible, gps distances. The affiliate program offers between a three percent and six percent commission rate based on the amount of sales generated their affiliate program, and is managed by racket and link share.

Next up is Super Speed Golf. This company specializes in a golf training tool that helps golfers increase their club speed. They offer the training tool for men, women and juniors. The affiliate program offers a 10 commission rate and pays commissions via Paypal the first week of every month.

The next golf affiliate programs is called Swing Man Golf. This service provides a golf fitness swing speed training program for amateur and pro golfers. The online swing speed training programs were created by Jacob Bowden.

The affiliate program offers two commission rates. You can earn a 50% commission on the $49 per month subscription or earning 10 percent of the $588 Swing Man Golf speed trainer certification program.

Next, we have Golf Gym, one of the more unique golf affiliate marketing programs. This company produces a golf swing training system that helps to add power and distance to your golf swing. They also have a cardio golf training video and other training accessories. The affiliate program is managed by Share a Sale and offers a 20% commission rate and a 60 day cookie length.

The last affiliate program covered today is called Buggies Unlimited. This company specializes in golf cart parts and accessories and carries over 9000 items. Golfers can find every part and accessory imaginable for their golf carts on this website.

The affiliate program is managed by Share a Sale and offers a 10% commission rate and 30 day cookie length. So if you are interested in earning a consistent income online by being in the golf niche, then I highly recommend creating a niche blog and you can create a general niche blog or focus on one sub niche within the golf niche itself.

golf affiliate marketing niche

If you want to focus on a golf sub niche there’s plenty of them to choose from. For example, you could choose golf training, there’s a lot of different affiliate programs that teach golfers how to improve their swing.

Golf Affiliate Programs – Golf Carts

There’s also golf fitness, golf carts, golf accessories, and so much more. You can focus on clothing, or pretty much anything you want as a sub niche or you can create a general golf blog and categorize these types of sub niches and kind of focus and write your blog post on the various topics.

If that’s something that you want to do however, focusing on a sub niche tends to have less competition and you have a more targeted audience that you’re writing for that is more likely to convert when you recommend the different Affiliate products.

So if you don’t know, I am a full-time affiliate marketer and I got my start by creating a niche blog. (so I promote more than golf affiliate programs) However, at the time when I created my blog, I really didn’t know how to make money with it.

I searched for an online training program and found the one that you see on the screen there. That logo stands for Wealthy Affiliate. When i signed up with wealthy affiliate, I was blown away by the training.

It was exactly what i was looking for and I became a premium member the very next day and I’m still a part of this training program today, because I use the platform to help others one-on-one with their own niche website.

This is the Wealthy Affiliate homepage and it’s, absolutely free to join. You just fill in your email address and you will have access to your first 10 lessons for free, take it for a test drive if the training resonates with you then definitely stay on board and continue on creating your niche website.

I highly recommend taking the first 10 lessons at wealthy affiliate check out the link Below it is my referral link and i’ll, be so happy to see you inside and help you out along the way that’s it for this video.

Thank you so much for watching and learning about golf affiliate programs, I’ll catch you in the next video!

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